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Severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia – abnormal social behavior and failure to understand reality – and bipolar disorder that is characterized by extreme mood fluctuations shouldn’t be taken lightly. Contact Sara Farrell at Counseling STL LLC for compassionate and confidential treatment.

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• Severe mental illness

• Bipolar

• Schizophrenia

• Well-trained and deeply experienced

• Overall management and coping skills

• Clients on heavy medications

Complete mental illness treatment

• Person-centered

• Cognitive behavioral

• Solution-focused

• Motivational interviewing

• An eclectic approach

• Set up according to your needs

Our approach to therapy

Before committing to therapy at Sara Farrell at Counseling STL LLC, take some time to get to know our general therapist and how she may be able to help you with her varied approaches.

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Treatment for severe mental illness